Home Care Partners

We enable vulnerable people to remain in their own homes in comfort, safety, and dignity. 

Home Care Partners has served the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for over 65 years.

Our Programs

Home Care Aide Service

DC Caregivers’ Institute

Safe at Home

Our Commitment

We are committed to excellence; we embrace diversity; and we serve those in need with priority given to those unable to pay the full cost of care. Hear what our clients have to say below.

“A Lift to my Spirits”

My aide has made all the difference. She shows up each day right on time when I need her. She provides excellent service, but more importantly she is pleasant and cheerful. She has been a lift to my spirits at a time when I haven’t felt like myself.

Client – Home Care Aide Service

“Such a Blessing”

The services of the Institute have enabled me to pay for medications, incontinence supplies, and extra help from a neighbor. This program is such a blessing to us caregivers and the peer-to-peer networking has been invaluable for support and encouragement. It has been so uplifting to have this connection with others on the caregiving journey

Participant – DC Caregivers’ Institute

“A Difference Every Day”

Thank you for helping me out. The grab bars, chair lift, and railings have been remarkable. My body is greatly appreciative of all that you did to make possible a more comfortable life. I am incredibly grateful that you made a difference for me every single day.

Client – Safe at Home Program