A Client's Story

Imagine that you are 100 years old and still living in the same house that you’ve owned for over fifty years.  Now imagine that in addition, you have Alzheimer’s which has taken away portions of your memory and your ability to care for and get around by yourself. Could you and your spouse still stay together at home?

For Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen, this is not an imaginary scenario.  It’s what they face every day; only their names have been changed to protect privacy. 

He’s 100 and she’s 92, and they’ve been married for 62 years. Back when they met, they both had been working at the same agency when he noticed a beautiful woman with flowers in her hair.  He told her to wear a different flower the next day, and she did.  And that was the start of their romance. 

But a couple of years ago, he was getting so forgetful that he had to give up driving and golf, which he has loved since he caddied as a teenager.  The change in routine upset him, and the extra care he needed put a strain on Mrs. Jacobsen. 

That’s why having an aide from Home Care Partners every day has made such a difference.  It gives Mrs. Jacobsen time to cook his favorite breakfast or get out to the grocery store, while an aide gets him ready for day care and attends to cleaning. 

The companionship and support that their home care aide provides is helping the Jacobsens keep their romance alive and remain together in a home filled with memories. 

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